Thank you, we pray to Allah SWT for the opportunity given, so that the Research Guidelines book for the DPP / SPP funds of the FMIPA Budget Year 2019 can be resolved. In general, this book is a revision of the previous fiscal year guidebook. Revisions are adjusted to the development of needs. The fundamental revision of this edition is’ that the topic of each proposed DPP / SPP grant research should be part of the field in the 2017-2019 ‘National Research Master Plan (RIRN)’.

As one of the compulsory components of the Tri Dharma College, research must be carried out by all lecturers at least once a year. Therefore, it is expected that DPP / SPP funds can meet the needs of all lecturers to conduct research activities. It is hoped that this activity will help build the track record of the lecturers’ research, so that they can encourage lecturers to take part in national and international competition grants, and conduct partnership research with various institutions and institutions.

Intensive monitoring and evaluation (MONEV) from each department and reviewer is needed so that the quality of research can be accounted for. Freedom is given to the department to carry out the selection process and determine the proposals received, but must be accompanied by good MONEV.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the completion of this manual. Critics and suggestions are highly expected to improve this manual. Hopefully, this guidebook can be a guide and useful.

Malang, January 30, 2019
Head of Research and Community Service


Dr. Sunaryo, S.Si.,M.Si
NIP. 196712281994121001

Download Guideline for DPP/SPP Research FMIPA (2020) (in Indonesian)