SOP of the Department of Statistics

No Name Code
1 SOP for Correspondence UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/01
2 SOP for Submission of Decree and Letter of Assignment UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/02
3 SOP for Recapitulation of Lecture Attendance List UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/03
4 SOP Budgeting UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/04
5 SOP for Student and Alumni Management  UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/05
6 SOP for Cooperation UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/06
7 SOP for Research and Community Service UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/07
8 SOP for Monitoring and Development of Human Resource UN10/F09/05/HK.01.02.a/08

SOP of the Bachelor Degree

No Name Code
1 SOP for Student Registration UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/01
2 SOP for Short Semester Program UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/02
3 SOP for Filling Study Plan Cards UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/03
4 SOP Student Academic Guidance UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/04
5 SOP for Regular Lecture UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/05
6 SOP for Guest Lecture UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/06
7 SOP for Internship UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/07
8 SOP for Final Project UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/08
9 SOP for Exam’s Question Validation and Analysis of Question Item UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/09
10 SOP for Equalizing Students’ Written Creative Scientific Work with Final Project or Other Courses UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/10 (Dokumen ada di fakultas)
11 SOP for Midterm Exam and Final Exam UN10/F09/05/01/HK.01.02.a/11

SOP of the Master Degree

No Name Code
1 SOP for Promotion UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/01
2 SOP for Student Admission and Selection UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/02
3 SOP for Determining the Commission of the Thesis Supervisor UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/03
4 SOP for Thesis Proposal UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/04
5 SOP for Seminar of Result Thesis UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/05
6 SOP for Thesis Examination UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/06
7 SOP for Matriculation Program UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/07
8 SOP for Regular Lecture UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/08
9 SOP for Thesis Monitoring and Evaluation UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/09
10 SOP for Thesis Supervising UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/10
11 SOP for Exam’s Question Validation and Analysis of Question Item UN10/F09/05/02/HK.01.02.a/11

SOP of the Laboratory

No Name Code
1 SOP for Internal Laboratory Session UN10/F09/05/Lab01/HK.01.02.a/01
2 SOP for External Laboratory Session UN10/F09/05/Lab01/HK.01.02.a/02
3 SOP for Tutorial Class UN10/F09/05/Lab01/HK.01.02.a/03
4 SOP for Assistant Recruitment of Laboratory Session and Tutorial Classs UN10/F09/05/Lab01/HK.01.02.a/04