In accordance with the decree of the Minister of National Education No. 0103/0/1981, where the library functions as a center for teaching and learning activities, research centers, and information centers for the implementation of Tri Dharma of Higher Education with the task:

  1. Manage the library.
  2. Prepare and present library materials and library services and are responsible to maintain and process library materials and library facilities.

The library of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is located in the Second Dean Building of FMIPA UB on the second floor, divided into 2 parts:

  1. Collection Room
  2. Reading Room



  • Service
  1. Provide open service access for textbooks and journals.
  2. Provide closed service access for thesis, final project, and research.
  • Photocopy service.
  • Registration service for library users (outside the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UB) to become a member of the library.
  • Book loan services (specifically for the FMIPA academic community)
  • Internet services to access e-books and e-journals
  • Provide searching e-books and e-journals and sent via email by writing the desired subject