The infrastructure for academic interactions between academicians consists of:


Number of Rooms /  Room Name

Computer Laboratory 5
Class 16
Seminar and Final Project Examination Room 3
Reading Room and Library 3
Assembly Room 2
Common Room a.       Widyaloka

b.      PPI

c.       Student Center

d.      Samanta Krida

e.      Assembly Room FMIPA

f.       Meeting Room FMIPA

g.      Graha Sainta Lt.3

h.      Postgraduate Assembly Room UB

i.        Postgraduate Seminar Room UB

j.        Internet Computer Room UB

k.      Gazebo

l.        Joglo

m.    Raden Patah Mosque

n.      Nurul Ilmi MIPA Mosque

o.      Prayer Room of the Department of           Mathematics

Student Association Room 2
Canteen 2
Student Activity Center 1
Sports Venues a.      Football field

b.      Basketball court

c.      Badminton court

d.      Tennis court

e.      Voly Field

f.      Fitness Center (INBIS)

g.      Sports Hall (GOR)

Polyclinic 1
Language Center 1
Post Office 1
Bank 4
Cooperatives and Supermarkets 1


The facilities for academic interactions between academicians consists of:


Number of Facilities

Department’s LCD 6
Faculty’s LCD 19
Department’s OHP 6
Faculty’s OHP 12
Class PC Computer 8
HotSpot 7
Department’s Laptop 5