Personal Info

Name : Prof. Dr. Ir. Henny Pramoedyo, MS.
Functional position : Professor
Structural position :
NIP/NIK : 19570705 198103 1 009 / 3573050507570002
NIDN : 0007075708
E-mail :
Course taught : 1.      Method of Statistics
2.      Experimental Design
3.      Biometrics
4.      Probability Statistics
5.      Social Statistics
6.      Descriptive Statistics
7.      Business Statistics
8.      Basics of Computer
9.      System Analysis
10.   Research Design and Data Analysis
11.   Scientific Method
12.   Research Methodology
13.   GIS in Agricultural
14.   Statistics Analysis
15.   Analysis of Variance
16.   Biostatistics
17.   Response Curve Analysis
18.   Spatial Data Analysis in GIS

Education Background

Program S1 S2 S3
University Universitas Brawijaya Institut Pertanian Bogor Universitas Airlangga
Department HPT Applied Statistics Sciences
Year of entry-graduation 1976-1981 1982-1987 1999-2002
Title of final project/thesis/ dissertation The influence of environmental factors on the level of mosaic attack on peanuts with a single cropping system (peanuts) and intercropping (peanuts and tomatoes) Randomness test of tomato affected by early blight Model forecasts the distribution of intensity of rice pest (rat) attacks with a geographic information system approach and cross-analysis
Supervisor/Promotor Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Rasminah Sy Dr. Ir. Aunuddin Prof. Drs. Hasyim Baisyuni

Research Project

  1. Kriging Interpolation with Mapping on GSTAR-SUR and GSTAR-X-SUR Models (Case Study: Coffee Fruit Borer Attack in Probolinggo) (2019)
  2. Decomposition of Sum Squares as a Basis for Independence Test (2018)
  3. Spatial Interpolation of Ordinary Kriging Using Anisotropic Semivariogram in Rainfall in East Java (2017)
  4. Improvement of Food Accessibility and Distribution through Malang City Arteri Highway Facility Maintenance System Based on GIS (2016)
  5. Modeling Zero Inflated Gamma (ZIG) in Rainfall Data in the Sampean Bondowoso Watershed (2014)

Community Development Program

  1. Utilization of Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Approach for Beginners Mapping Analysis Users in East Java (2018)
  2. REML method training using Genstat for researchers in the Research Institute for Citrus and Subtropic Fruits (Balitjestro) (2017)
  3. Research Training, Analysis Design, and Interpretation for Field Officers in Malang Agriculture Department (2016)
  4. Utilization of Experimental Design and Statistics Software and Teaching Experimental Design and Research Design for Lecturers and Researchers (2014)

Journal Publication

  1. Non Monoton Nonparametric Variogram to Model The Land Price of Manado City with Hole Effect Periodicity Structure. IOP Conf Series : Materials Science and Engineering Vol. 546 No. 052083 (2019).
  2. Positive Definite Functions of Non Monoton Variogram to Define The Spatial Dependency of Correlogram. AIP Conference Procedings Vol. 2192 No. 090016 (2019).
  3. Nonparametric Correlogram to Identify The Geographic Distance of Spatial Dependence on Land Prices. JURA Scopus Q3 (2019).
  4. The Minimum-Maximum Weather Temperature Difference Effect on Dengue Incidence in Sleman Regency of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (2018).
  5. Geographycally and Temporally Weighted Regression Modeling in Analyzing Factors Affecting The Spread of Denguefever in Malang. The journal of Experimental Life Science Vol. 2 No. 8 (2018).
  6. Approach of Variogram Model with Logarithm and Logistic Functions for Pre-Prosperous Family. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences (2018).
  7. Determination of Environmental Factors Affecting Dengue Incidence in Sleman District, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. African Journal of Infectious Diseases (2018).
  8. Accelerated Failure Time Model Cure Rate. Industri inovatif, Jurnal teknik industri-ITN, Vol.3 No. 2 (2017).
  9. The Biotic Environmental as Risk Factors Human Leptospirosis in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. AIP Conference Proceeding (2016).
  10. The Spread Pattern and Various Risk Factors of Human Leptospirosis in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Applied Microbiology (2016).
  11. Food Security and Vulnerability Modeling of Java Province Based on GWOLRS model. Journal of Degraded and Mining Lands Management Vol. 2 No. 1 (2014).

Scientific Paper Presentation in Conference / Scientific Seminar

  1. The 1th International Conference on lesson study of science. Technology, engineering, and mathematics (ICoLsSTEM). Aplication of GDSTAR Kriging Model in Forecasting and Mapping Coffee Berry Attack in Probolinggo. Jember, 2019.
  2. The 8th International Conference on Green Technology. UIN Makang. Comparison of Bandwidth Selection in Geographically Weighted Regression on the Productivity of Wetland Paddy in Tulungagung Regency, 2018.
  3. 2016 Apcbees Kyoto Conference, Kyoto, Japan. Study of Food Distribution Using Reliability Center Maintenance and Geographical Information System to Increase Continuity Flow of Daily Product. Kyoto, Japan, December 25-27, 2016.

Textbook Publication

  1. Statistika Inferensia Terapan Edisi 1 (2012, DanarWijaya Malang)
  2. Rancangan Perlakuan Terapan (2013, DanarWijaya Malang)
  3. Statistika Inferensia Terapan Edisi II (2013, DanarWijaya Malang)
  4. Analisis Spasial Dasar (2017, UM PRESS Mlg)
  5. Dasar-dasar Sistem Informasi Geografi dan Pemetaan dengan ArcGIS (2017, UM PRESS Mlg)
  6. BIOSTATISTIKA dengan R dan MS Excel (2017, UB PRESS Malang)

Patent and Protected Rights

  1. ISBN 978-979-8657-46-7, 2012. Textbook: Statistika Inferensia Terapan Edisi 1
  2. ISBN 978-979-8657-47-4, 2013. Textbook: Rancangan Perlakuan Terapan
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  1. Satyalencana Karyasatya 30 tahun from Republic of Indonesia 2016
  2. Leading Research Funding for Decentralized Universities from Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education 2016
  3. Grants for Strengthening UB Study Groups from Universitas Brawijaya 2018
  4. Grants for UB Professor Research from Universitas Brawijaya 2019